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Nook Ball

Nook Ball is an Arcade-Puzzle game which expands one simple Top-Down Two-Dimensional Pong-Like game engine with several unique game mechanics. The expanded simple concept of pocketing a ball has never been represented with so many unique game mechanics.

Doing a simple tasks as pocketing a ball has never been overwhelmed with so much conditions and teasers.

Every level offers a different challenge for the player, wheter it will be the estimation of the speed you need to kick-start the ball with in order to achieve the objectives, or the amount of required actions you need to do before pocketing the ball. Every unique condition and requirement will challenge you to think through carefully where you need to throw the ball, and with what speed, in order to win the level.

Every level will start off with a hint of what you need to do in order to finish it. Getting all the objectives and achieving the total medals of every level will mean that you mastered every puzzle.

Game features:

– Unique and new game mechanics introduced with every level.
– Retro style music.
– Simple pong-like graphics.
– Various color themes for the interface found under options and help.
– Online help explaining the game mechanics.
– A whole 30 levels of unique puzzles and action.
– Does not include intrusive ads that impact while playing a level.
– Optional in-app purchases.

This game is created by a lone developer (my self), and I would like to really thank anyone who took the time to try it. I am also grateful for anyone who considered to, or purchased any of the available in-app purchases, in order to support me in continuing this dream, which is to develop creative games.

Expect regular feature-rich updates that will expand the game-play for the best.

Huge appreciation for e-mailing any issues or bugs before taking rating into consideration, or writing actual reviews on the ratings. That will help us a lot with what to fix on the next updates for you.

Suggestions are always welcome and very likely to be integrated if applicable on next updates.

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