Never Linear

Never Linear is an ambitious adventure multi-platform pixel art Platformer that is under development.

Never Linear will feature a stunning story about a boy who enters a non linear universe with tens of different time-lines, worlds, endings and more.
It will feature ever changing gameplay, from action platforming, to puzzle platforming and more.

Features planned:

– 10 slot inventory with a slot for usable items.
– Hats, lots of hats.
– Non-linear game-play, time-line and worlds.
– Stunning story-line
– Tens of different endings
– Tens of different game-play changing elements through the game.
– Pixel Art graphics by Christian Dimitrov (Vect0rz)
– Chip Tune Music by Georgi Dimitrov (Ggd07)



Ideas and Concept: Christian Dimitrov (Vect0rz).
Ideas: Georgi Dimitrov (Ggd07).
Programming: Georgi Dimitrov (Ggd07).
Art: Christian Dimitrov (Vect0rz).
Music and Sounds: Georgi Dimitrov (Ggd07).

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