Flitty Birds

Flit, flap, flop those wings!

Flitty Birds is the #1 endless-dodging platformer, which will put you right away in the adventure, testing your reflexes and other skills.

Meet the unique flappy band consisted of different unique bird characters, adventuring in lots of unique environment themes which you will discover and experience by your own self, while more are being added every update !

Rank yourself with tens of different badges, offering you challenging game play.
Compete with friends and compare ranks on Facebook or twitter by sharing your best scores, or simply by submitting your score to the official custom online leaderboards.

*Note that you can online submit your score to the online leaderboards if you have beaten your previous best, and by reaching a higher score than ten.

Game features:

– Unique combinations of environment themes that will not get you bored !
– Easy, smooth and fun platformer feel !
– Different birds with different colors for every round of game-play !
– Different and Catchy music for every theme !
– Pixel art graphics and Chip Tune Music !
– Simple control method !
– Ranking badges !
– Custom Online Leaderboards !
– Share your scores on social networks Twitter and Facebook !
– New Twisting GameMode with Powerups !
– Auto-sharing scores on Facebook !
– More to come !

Expect regular feature-rich updates that will expand the game-play for the best.

Download Flitty Birds

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