Map Description:

Welcome to Vestitel Gym(de_vestitel) – By Ggd07 – Bomb/Defuse –

Counter-Terrorists: Prevent the Terrorists
from bombing the wrestling gym (Bomb A) section and the freerunning gym section (Bomb B).
Team members must defuse any bombs if they were to be planted in the building.
 The Terrorist carrying the
C4 must bomb Vestitel Gym to make threat,panic and chaos to the city, and the sportists.

This map is a recreation from a real life building in bulgaria/vratza.
The building is our GYM (Vestitel Gym), on the path to the “balkan” in Bulgaria/Vratza.
Me and my friends are training there, so i decided to recreate it the Source Engine.
Made with custom textures from me, with a little texture differ from the (original building).
You can check some comparison (map vs real) screenshots below.

Map designed by: Georgi Georgiev Dimitrov (Ggd07)
Copyright (c)2009 – Sivago Entertainment –
By Georgi G. Dimitrov – a.k.a. Ggd07.



09.10.2009 :

Download “de_vestitel” – Downloaded 583 times – 16 MB

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