Georgi Dimitrov (Ggd07)

- Programming
- Composing
- Graphics
- Game and Web Designing
- Audio and Audio Effects
- Video Editing and Video Effects
- Publishing
- Marketing

Sivago Entertainment is striving to develop unique and amazing entertainment experiences.

Self-educated and motivated, trying to develop unique and amazing experiences, expressed through cross-platform indie video games and other projects. While not funded with real money, I am motivation and inspiration funded to work hard, strive and make dreams reality, and not just hope.

Located in a difficult to publish country, but still try to push through. You can check what projects are currently under development under the appropriate categories.

Additional Thanks and Credits

Christian Dimitrov (Vect0rz) for:
- Designing amazing Pixel Art Environments and Graphics in Flitty Birds.
- Designing amazing startup Pixel Art Graphics for Never Linear , before leaving the project.